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SUNT multi-purpose blender - indispensable in every kitchen! Essential for preparing various meals: soups, main courses, appetizers, smoothies, pancakes. Perfect for shredding, chopping, blending, mixing, and whisking.


Model > Sunt Plus
Power > nominal 600 W; maximum 1000 W
> 1x container 2 litres > 1x container 700 ml
> 1x measuring cup with lid 1.5 litre
Power supply > 230 V
Manufacturer's warranty > 24 months


Length > 5 cm
Width > 6 cm
Height > 40 cm
Weight > 2.4 kg


- Two containers included: large one with the capacity of 2 l, smaller one with the capacity of 700 ml
- Measuring cup with lid with the capacity of 1.5 l
- Two cutting blades
- Two pairs of mixing attachments
- blending attachment
- 3 graters: for cutting, chopping, shredding
- Compact size
- Wide speed regulation range – smooth adjustment
- Dishwasher safe elementse


The set includes:
- two containers (2 l and 700 ml), allowing you to prepare larger and smaller volume dishes. For daily meals or family parties;
- two types of cutting blades, matched to the size of the containers. The blades allow you to chop meat to prepare a tartare steak or various salads, and even to chop herbs or nuts;
- the blending cup is additionally equipped with a lid and spout, thus allowing its easy storage in the refrigerator and precise pouring of the cocktails prepared into glasses;
- blending attachment and two types of mixers: a dough hook and a whisk for beating egg whites or whipping cream. Those extremely important accessories will help you prepare your favourite cakes or pancakes in an easy and quick way;
- special purpose graters are placed on a dedicated plastic bracket, guaranteeing safety of use. They vary in the size of grating slots and purpose: for shredding, cutting and chopping. With them, you can easily prepare baked potatoes, healthy salads or grated cheese.