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ROTARY is a multi-functional device – a stand mixer, a blender and a grinder in one! It is indispensable in every kitchen – it will help you prepare countless dishes!

Thanks to the special Metal Gear System, the device is characterized by increased resistance. Unlike other appliances of such type, where plastic parts are applied, the metal gears used in the ROTARY food processor ensure low failure rate of the device. It is particularly important when working at top speed, e.g. when kneading bread or cake dough – metal gears provide safety of use for many years.


Model > Rotary
Power > nominal 700 W; maximum 1800 W
> 1x 4.3 l bowl
> 1x 1.5 l glass beaker
Power supply > 230 V
Manufacturer's warranty > 24 months


Length > 33.3 cm
Width > 17.2 cm
Height > 32.5 cm
Weight > 7.26 kg


- Improved device resistance – Metal Gear System
- 10-step smooth speed adjustment
- TURBO speed
- PULSE function
- Large stainless steel bowl with the capacity of 4.3 l
- 3 types of attachments: a typical mixer, a whisk and a dough hook
- Large, glass blender beaker – cap. 1,5L
- Grinder with 3 discs of various slot sizes (3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm)
- Plastic lid with a slot for adding products without stopping the device
- Comfortable, 60 degree tilted arm
- Non-slip base


The ROTARY food processor is equipped with a capacious bowl made of stainless steel, with a capacity of 4.3 l. Additionally, it is equipped with a plastic cap with a hole for adding products without stopping the food processor. You will easily prepare your favourite dishes, leaving kitchen clean and tidy – conveniently and comfortably.
The set includes 3 different attachments: a hook, a mixer and a whisk. With them, you will easily prepare pancakes or delicious home-made bread, as well as beat egg whites or make whipped cream.
ROTARY has been equipped with a grinder with 3 disks of different slot sizes (3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm). It is perfect for grinding meat, fish, hard cheese, and even vegetables.
Glass blender with the capacity of 1.5 l is an indispensable device for preparing cocktails, healthy smoothies, clear soups or sauces... the sky is the limit!
ROTARY is a high quality device, dedicated to all those who appreciate not only functionality, but also design. The classic combination of black and silver makes the device elegant and stylish.