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Wybierz kolor:


Scandinavian style focuses on simplicity and functionality − solid, natural materials and wood finishes go hand in hand with subdued colours. Interior design referring to the trend of the North works both in small apartments and houses with large metric areas.


Model > HETTA
Colours > grey, black, white
Materials > Seat and backrest: PP (polypropylene), Legs: Beech wood, Metal Powder-coated metal elements
Manufacturer's warranty > 24 months


Width > 47 (cm)
Depth > 51 (cm)
Height > 83 (cm)

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- Made of durable materials
- Resistant to damage
- Available in 3 colours: classic black or white and fashionable grey


HETTA dining chair is a perfect solution for interiors decorated in Scandinavian style. The seat and the backrest are made of high-quality polypropylene, making them easy to keep clean. The chair is mounted on legs made of beech wood, with visible powder-coated metal fasteners.