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Multi-functional FERRO food processor 15in1 by Homekraft – perfect for all those who value healthy cooking. Maximum diversity – minimum effort!


Model > Ferro
Power > nominal 800 W; maximum 1500 W
> 1x 2.5 processor container
> 1x 2 l glass blender
> 1x 0.5 l glass chopper with cutting blades for coffee beans and herbs
Power supply > 230 V
Manufacturer's warranty > 24 months


Length > 21 cm
Width > 26 cm
Height > 40 cm
Weight > 7.72 kg

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- Multi-functional set - 15in1!
- Special high-speed motor (peak power 1500W)
- 3 speed settings - including the PULSE function
- Processor container with the capacity of 2.5 l
- glass blender with the capacity of 2 l with scale
- Glass mill for coffee beans, herbs, nuts, with the capacity of 0.5 l
- 5 cutting rings with various slot sizes
- Whisk for beating eggs and batter mixing
- Dough hook
- Citrus fruit squeezer
- Mixing attachment
- Lid with additional measuring cup for spices


Large glass blender with the capacity of 2 l will enable you to prepare delicious drinks, shakes, smoothies and cocktails – using fruit, vegetables and herbs. It is an invaluable device – it will also manage to crush ice! Glass mill with the capacity of 0.5 l ideally suited to grinding coffee, herbs and nuts. It will allow you to prepare pesto sauce, peanut butter, baby food, as well as your favourite espresso. Indispensable in every kitchen! The set includes a sharp blades kit. Perfect for chopping meat or hard vegetables. They will easily shred e.g. onions or beets without causing any mess. FERRO has been equipped with a set of five graters with different sizes of grating slots – for chopping, cutting and shredding. You will easily prepare your favourite salads, baked potatoes or grated cheese. The set includes a whisk, which will help you prepare perfect dough or cream. Indispensable in every kitchen – it will allow you to make delicious desserts.