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Wybierz kolor:

Product description

High quality of the device, coupled with its great effectiveness and ease of use allow to prepare juices from fruit, vegetables and herbs. Because the juicer first squeezes the used fruit or vegetables and then presses them through a sieve, the juice is not aerated and heated, thanks to which it contains even more valuable nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. The low-speed method of squeezing allows to obtain nearly twice as much juice as from traditional juicers.


Model > Essence
Power> 150 W
Power supply > 230 V
Motor:> Two-way
Filters: > 3 types
Containers: > 2 x 1L
Non-slip feet: > YES
Handle to carry: > YES
Additional accessories: > Cover, cleaning brush


Product weight > 2,4 kg
Box dimensions / weight > 63,7 x 22,5 x 16 (cm) / 2,6 kg

Order Online:

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- 3 filters: for thin and thick juice and frozen fruit
- practical plug of the juice outlet (non-drop)
- pusher for safety of use
- juice container 1l
- pulp container 1l
- non-slip feet
- convenient handle for carrying
- cover
- cleaning brush H2


- more efficient low-speed squeezing
- juice squeezing even from hard vegetables, fruit and herbs
- low energy consumption
- low-noise device operation
- two directions of motor operation
- reverse gear
- dishwasher safe elements