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A practical and functional office chair is the basis for effective work. It will not only let you sit comfortably, but will also make you keep a proper spine position.
BASIC swivel chair is made of durable high quality materials. The seat and backrest are covered in polyester fabric. Nylon wheels and base, and armrests made of PP guarantee comfort of long use.


Model > BASIC
Materials > seat and backrest: polyester fabric, base: and wheels: nylon
Maximum user weight > 120 kg
Chair weight > 9.1 kg
Box size > 52 x 51 x 23 (cm)
Manufacturer's warranty > 24 months


backrest height > 45 cm
seat width > 44 cm
seat depth > 42 cm
chair height > 82- 94 cm
height to seat > 40 - 52 cm

Merchandise not available


- Ergonomic shape – ensures comfortable use for long hours of work
- Durable, 5-arm 270 mm nylon base ensures stability and safety
- Smooth seat height adjustment using a gas spring shock absorber within the range of 120 mm
- Seat and backrest made of polyester fabric
- Nylon wheels and armrests
- Maximum load: 120 kg


The thick, properly profiled backrest of the armchair helps keep the back straight and well-positioned. Thanks to that, work will not only be comfortable and more effective but also healthier for the spine.